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Amberseed.com is an online store selling high-quality, trusted and approved facial masks. We believe in bringing out the best in people and guiding them with exceptional and innovative products to achieve beautiful and radiant skin.

I was born and raised in China. My dream has always been to travel and experience different cultures and adventures around the world. In 2007, I moved to Singapore to work as a database administrator for a tech company. In 2010, I left my job and began my journey in Asia for a couple years to learn and explore diverse cultures. I was blessed that I was able to work remotely while having this awesome experience. 

My love of facial masks started in 2008. While in Singapore, I visited a luxury spa and a beauty specialist gave me a sheet mask to sample. I had rough and blotchy skin at the time, then my skin became so smooth and silky after use. Since then, I have always liked to research and sample different kinds of facial masks to boost my skin.

I then went to beauty school to further my knowledge on skin and facial care. I learned everything from fundamental skin care to the latest makeup and skin wellness trends.

The facial mask has become popular over the past decade. I noticed that most people are concerned about their skin and like using facial masks, but they are confused in choosing the right mask for their skin problem. I started Amberseed.com to do what I love, and share my experience with amazing facial masks I have used.

New York City has been my home since 2013. My passion is to help people bring out the best beauty in them. I believe in guiding people with exceptional products for their skin problems. And when I see the results, I truly feel happy. The facial mask has become a necessary part of my life. Will it become part of yours?

Peace, Radiance and Love your Skin!

- Celine Chen Policarpio -