Black Premium Modeling "Rubber" Mask (Set of 5)

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Get ready for the newest trend in Korean Beauty: Modeling "Rubber" Masks. Bring the luxury of a spa directly to your home by indulging in this hydrating, anti-aging mask. When your skin needs some deep cleansing, this Black Premium Modeling Mask is perfect for you. Infused with charcoal, which is known to help purify and detox the skin, this mask also helps to refine pores and purify revealing cleaner, hydrated skin. Mix the Black Gel with the Active Collagen Powder, apply to face, let sit, and peel off the mask to a more refined complexion.


We recommend mixing and spreading using the antimicrobial soft bowl with spatula, specially designed for easy and sanitary use of modeling masks. (bowl and spatula sold separately and is reusable).

  • Add Black Gel (large sachet) into a soft bowl
  • Add Active Collagen Powder (small sachet) into the soft bowl
  • Stir until fully incorporated and immediately start applying onto face (the mixture will start to congeal if you wait too long!)
  • Apply the mixed black gel evenly on face and neck by brushing with 1mm thickness (thickness of a coin)
  • Recommended 15-20 minutes use
  • Peel it off in one piece