Liposome Repairing Moisturizing Ice Facial Mask (6 pcs)

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Repairing, Anti-allergy, Anti-inflammation, Deep-hydrating, Moisturizing,  

Use this mask to repair your skin after laser E-light treatments, micro needling, sunburn and for other minor skin wound injuries. Prevents skin from bruising, swelling and infection. 


  • There are two layers 
  • Put the second liposome repairing ice mask on the face then remove the plastic sheet 
  • Adjust the mask to the adequate position on your face
  • Recommended 25-30 minutes use
  • Then remove mask (washing face after use is optional)


This product is mainly composed of macromolecule hyaluronic acid, small molecular hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum, linolenic acid, lecithin, allantoin, menthol ester, menthol, cool flavor, glycerol, propylene glycol, endothelium inhibitor, PEG- Amino acid moisturizer, French rose oil